A theatre for writers...


The Cork Arts Theatre believes very strongly in supporting both new and advanced playwrights and reserves a large portion of its season each year for the presentation of original works. We aim to assist writers in getting their scripts brought to life with themselves, the playwright, in the driving seat.

We have a free booklet available online which gives some general advice for anyone thinking of writing a play. You can download it HERE.


Over its 30-year history, the Cork Arts Theatre has maintained two unique visions that have remained central to its mission. The first is that of an ensemble system, which takes as its basis the belief that, the most thought-provoking theatre is created by a group of artists working intimately over a long period of time towards the development of a specific and cohesive style. The second is the belief that theatre can be of enormous use to those members of the community for whom it would not ordinarily be a resource.



Cork Arts Theatre runs an annual playwright’s award hosted, organised and sponsored by the Theatre. To date over 800 new plays have been submitted and judged, over 150 have been performed and 6 have been published. Submissions are now being accepted for the next One Act Playwright Awards.

  • Application form and a copy of the rules can be downloaded HERE (alternatively application forms & rules can also be obtained by calling us on 021 4505624).

  • Deadline for entry is 31st May and the entry fee is €25 per script.
  • We have two different categories of Award: Established Writers (category A) and New Writers (category B). Both recicients of category A and category B Awards will receive an award and have their play produced.

  • All writers will be invited to Writers' Day, when they will receive an in-depth adjudication of their work. The winning plays will also be announced at this event. This will take place in early Autumn.

  • The winners in each category will receive a full production at the Cork Arts Theatre during Writers' Week with each play getting a minimum of two performances. Full technical support will be provided by our staff and we will engage production companies and directors to work on the scripts for staging. Directors are encouraged to consult with the authors during the rehearsal period.




  • 'My Friend Fredo' - by David Barnwall McGuire
  • 'Seven Calls' - by Mike O'Dowd (WINNER)
  • 'Playing with Elvis' - by James Skivington


  • 'Little Boy Blue' - by Joan O'Reilly
  • 'Blue Love' - by David Butler (WINNER)
  • 'Journey of the Junior A's' - by Annemarie McCarthy


  • Best Production - 'Seven Calls' by Mike O'Dowd. Directed by Mike O'Dowd.

  • Best Actor - Cormac Heffernan as Neil in 'Seven Calls'.

  • Best Actress - Laura Gallen as Aishling in 'Seven Calls'.

  • Adjudicator's Award - Performance of Note - Gemma Collins as Tara Maher in 'Blue Love'.



"Without this competition, I would never have written a play in the first place. It offers a chance for anyone to see their plays come to life, and even if they don't get short-listed for production the judges give brilliant advice on each and every entry." - Mark Evans

"The fact that Cork Arts Theatre take care of the whole production side of things takes a huge pressure off. I won the award for New Writers in 2013 which was very encouraging for me." - Dorothy Ahern - Winner Established Writers' Award 2014, Winner New Writers' Award 2013

"My confidence has held me back in the past, but I feel more validated now because I've been short-listed for Writers' Week" - Ciara Cassoni - Winner New Writers' Award 2014, Winner Best Actress 2014